Meet Our Family


Husband, Fur-Dad, Off-Road Captain

Since about as long as he could walk, Michael’s been driving something — four-wheelers, race cars, a drift car and now, our Jeep. When we’re not adventuring, Michael is the owner and executive chef of an in-home private chef services company. You best believe he whips up chef-quality dishes during our overland trips!


Wife, fur-mom, trip architect

A recovering girly girl, Nicole brings organization and comfort to our off-road adventures. As soon as a trip is on the calendar, you’ll find her plotting and planning every stop. Nicole’s the main writer on Offroad Trippers, and while it’s only been around since 2020, she started her first blog in 2008! When we’re not on the trail, Nicole manages a marketing team.


Fur-Baby, Rescue Dog

Link came into our family in 2009 as a tiny little rescue pup. Half pit bull, half corgi, Link’s silly personality and tiny legs just may have you thinking he’s much younger than he really is. 


Fur-Baby, Rescue Dog

Shelby is a rescued pit bull who joined our family in 2010 and quickly became the resident boss. She’s stubborn yet sweet and loves exploring the great outdoors with us.

Kity Perry

Fur-Baby, Homebody

KP (as we call her) holds down the fort while we’re on our off-road adventures, but she’s an important part of our little family nonetheless. When she’s not cuddled up in our bed for 20 hours/day, you can find her harassing the dogs.

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Fun Facts

We’ve been married since 2010

We were in our early 20’s when we tied the knot.

Kity Perry Thinks Shelby is her mom

Not kidding! KP was found as a little orphan stray, and Shelby immediately stepped up to play mom. They love each other to this day. Link, on the other hand, is not a huge fan of KP. She loves him though.

Our Jeep is Named “Toto”

Yes, like the dog from the Wizard of Oz!

We never camp in the same place twice

It’s not that we don’t love so many of the places we’ve camped. There are just too many places to explore! Maybe one day we’ll start going back to our favorites…