Prada Marfa

Discovering Marfa, Texas

Although Michael and I love the wilderness, we also enjoy quirky little art towns. That’s why we decided to make Marfa, TX the second stop on our cross-country road trip.

I have known about Marfa for years thanks to Prada Marfa, an art installation in the middle of nowhere, Texas. And while we got to stop by this roadside attraction on our way into town, it was Downtown Marfa that really stole our hearts.

Frama, a great little coffee shop in Marfa, TX

We spend two nights in a quaint VRBO in the heart of Marfa. Due to COVID and the holidays, many local hotspots were closed, but we still had a blast exploring this gem of a town.

In the middle of a pandemic, Marfa really shined. I haven’t seen social distancing done as well as it was done in Marfa. Every establishment requires makes, and some even greet you at the door with hand sanitizer. Some take-out spots moved completely to online ordering, while sit-down restaurants had seating spaced really well. A local shop owner let us know that the nearest hospital treating COVID patients is in El Paso — nearly three hours away — so we weren’t surprised this little town was treating the pandemic seriously. In fact, we felt it just added to the experience. It certainly made us feel safe!

Marfa, TX is taking the pandemic very seriously, which we really appreciated

Here are a few of the highlights of our trip

Overall, we had a blast exploring Marfa, TX. It’s certainly on our list of favorites when it comes to quirky and artistic small towns in the Southwest!

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