Poison Spider Trail in Moab

5 Reasons Why Poison Spider is Our Favorite Trail in Moab [Video]

On our recent trip to Moab, we completed four trials: Fins n’ Things, Hell’s Revenge, Poison Spider and Steel Bender. At first, we had a hard time deciding which was our favorite, but since we’ve had time to reflect (and watch back all the video footage), we can say without a doubt that Poison Spider was our favorite. Here’s why:

1. It’s FULL of obstacles.

Seriously, this trail is no joke when it comes to obstacles. Waterfalls, V-notches, switchbacks, ledges…this trail has something for everyone and will really test your off-roading skills. Be sure to go with a good spotter!

2. It has options.

When it comes to what line you’ll take, Poison Spider has options. And if you feel like anything is outside your comfort zone, there are also bypasses for many of the obstacles. The bypasses also help you get back down the mountain a little faster on your return trip.

3. The scenery is unreal.

Just like the variety of obstacles, there’s a nice variety of terrain on Poison Spider. Slickrock, sand dunes, dirt…this trail truly has it all! And with all that different terrain and just generally being at a higher elevation, there are also some truly stunning views throughout this trail!

4. There is some randomness too.

About 4 miles into the trail, you’ll come across a fake gravesite, which is rumored to be the reason the trail got its name. As the story goes, Mary Jane Francis got bit by a poison spider and died. Off-roaders on the trail leave totally random things from their vehicles at the gravesite (koozies, balls, Jeep handles, dice, rubber ducks, etc.) This turned out to be a nice stopping point and a random break while we prepped the items we would leave behind.

5. It’ll earn you a Jeep Badge of Honor.

This isn’t that unique in Moab. In fact, every trail we did earned us a Badge from Jeep, but it’s still a nice perk nonetheless.

Be sure to watch out latest YouTube Video to see us in action on Poison Spider:

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