Hell's Revenge in Moab

Running Hell’s Revenge in an Overland Rig [Video]

On our recent trip to Moab, we tackled the very popular Hell’s Revenge trail. This difficult-rated trail was a fun way to spend a day, and it earned us a Jeep Badge of Honor!

We loved this trail for its quintessential Moab slickrock scenery, but also because it presented an awesome opportunity to watch more built Jeeps than ours do the really severe obstacles.

As you know already, we’re in an overland rig, so we had to skip some of the more technical obstacles, most specifically Hell’s Gate. While you can do a lot in an overland Jeep, it’s important not to get too tippy, and unfortunately that just didn’t seem possible on Hell’s Gate. We’ll be back without our tent though to try it again in the future!

And while we didn’t attempt any of the “hot tubs” ourselves, we did get to winch a side-by-side out of one after he broke his axle and driveshaft instead.

Watch our latest YouTube video to see all the action on Hell’s Revenge:

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