4 Ways to Find Backordered Jeep Parts Quickly

You finally decide to pull the trigger on some upgrades just in time for a big wheeling trip…only to find out the parts you painstakingly selected are on backorder for 6-8 weeks! It’s a situation most Jeepers know all too well. Sure, some aftermarket parts are always readily available, but many of the best brands are often on backorder. And the situation seems to have only gotten worse since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

This is exactly what happened to Michael and me when we decided to upgrade our suspension. We researched, researched and researched some more before deciding on the Rock Krawler 3.5″ Max Travel System with Fox Performance 2.0 Adjustable Shocks. Four weeks before a planned trip to Moab, we ordered the parts and scheduled some install time with our local offroad shop.

Of course, being used to the Amazon experience, I didn’t really think about the parts not being available. But, we had recently waited three months for some new springs (which we ultimately canceled in favor of the new lift), so I decided to call the online shop we ordered from to get an ETA. They let me know then that they didn’t have any of the parts in stock and would need to order them from Rock Krawler. So I called Rock Krawler, only to find out the whole kit was back-ordered for 6-8 weeks!

At this point, we had two options: postpone our install and our Moab trip with it, or find a way to get the parts sooner. I set my heart on the latter and made it happen. Here’s how.

1. Scour the internet.

There is no shortage of websites that sell Jeep parts, so when you’re looking for something specific, visit as many as you need to. Quadratec, Morris 4×4, 4WP, eBay, the list goes on forever… Google is your friend here. Most of the good sites will give you an estimated arrival time. I really appreciated stores that very clearly said parts would take 6-8 weeks, so I knew I could move on. But many don’t include specifics about their stock and shipping times, which brings me to my next point…

2. Double Check the Parts You Need are In-stock Before You Order.

One thing to keep in mind is that a ton of shops dropship, which means they don’t have any parts in stock. You place the order, and then they order from the manufacturer and have it shipped directly to you. Of course, if the manufacturer is back-ordered, shops that dropship are also back-ordered. I found many sites and eBay shops with “guaranteed” arrival dates that ended up not actually having the parts in-stock. Email, call, live chat, text, do whatever it takes to find out if they actually have what you’re looking for in-stock and ready to ship.

3. Buy parts in a kit separately if you need to.

If you’re buying a lift kit, for example, you may have more luck buying parts individually from a variety of places v. finding one shop with the whole kit. This is how we ended up finding all the parts for our new Rock Krawler suspension. Even our shocks came from two places: fronts from one place, rears from another. You’ll need to find the part numbers for all the items you’re looking for. You should be able to get this list from the manufacturer. And of course, triple check everything when it arrives to ensure you have it all before you start your install.

4. Call all the local 4×4 shops.

Your local offroad shops likely keep a stock of many products they sell. When you’re looking for a specific brand, head to the manufacturer’s website and look for their dealer locator. Figure out how far you’re willing to drive, and start calling, emailing and Facebook messaging. This is how Michael and I found the very last piece of our kit and got introduced to a shop in North Phoenix we would have never found otherwise!

When it comes to finding back-ordered parts, the name of the game is persistence. I spent hours over multiple days finding the parts for our suspension, but hey…I found them all! And as of last week, they’re officially installed with weeks to spare before Moab.

Be sure to stay tuned here, on YouTube and Instagram for photos and videos of our new setup!

PS: Check out this awesome video Lite Brite put together behind-the-scenes at Rock Krawler. There’s a good reason these parts are in such high demand, and we’re beyond thrilled to be running them!

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